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Howards Residential Home is a long-established provider of quality care for the elderly frail and those with dementia, in Addlestone, Surrey.
Residential home

Warm and welcoming atmosphere

At Howards Residential Home, our aim is to provide a caring family environment in a relaxed and homely atmosphere, for residents who wish to spend their retirement in comfort and security with individual attention. Each person is recognised as an individual and provided with care and attention to meet each one's specific physical and emotional needs, while encouraging activity and independence.

Improving your quality of living

At Howards Residential Home, we place a high value on our social care as well as the physical care. The home lies in a quiet residential area with local shops and amenities close to hand. Our residents are always at the heart of our philosophy. Everything we do is focused on supporting them to maintain the quality of life they have chosen.
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Opportunities to showcase your talents

At our residential home, residents are encouraged to bring their own individuality to share with others and to pursue their own interests and relationships. Hobbies are very much encouraged and supported by all the staff.
We provide a person centred approach with our residents therefore ensuring that all their physical, emotional and personal care needs are met.

Resident's Life Stories
These are an excellent way to get to know the residents better. They empower residents to talk about their memories and give them a chance to contribute and feel involved. They are also beneficial to staff by helping them to understand the resident’s care needs from a much wider perspective. Where possible, the histories are compiled by friends and families.

We encourage visiting at any time to experience the warm welcome we offer at Howards Residential Home.
Daily life at Howards Residential Home
Call Howards Residential Home, Addlestone on 01932 856 665, for personal care of the elderly.

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